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HVAC Operation & Maintenance (Audio Book)

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This Audio is half an hour long.

After 30 years in Building Services and especially HVAC, I came about to write many books on the subject and still going.

We need to maintain HVAC to ensure that the heating and cooling systems in our homes and businesses are working properly and efficiently. By regularly servicing and repairing these systems, we can save money on our energy bills, extend the life of the equipment, and improve the indoor air quality of our buildings.

HVAC maintenance can save money in a number of ways. First, by regularly servicing and repairing the system, we can avoid costly breakdowns and replacements. Second, by keeping the system running smoothly, we can improve its efficiency and lower our energy bills. Finally, by improving the indoor air quality of our buildings, we can reduce the need for medical and cleaning services.

you can find a printed version of this book here on Payhip, Amazon, apple, Google and B&N

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