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The Power Of Leverage

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I write short books "short yet very concise". What matters most is passing the message through to you. I try to reduce repetition and the Bla Bla Bla.

I have realised that these days people are bombarded with information and some started filtering the most important ones to keep.

Leverage means achieving the greatest result with the least effort. It is a matter of simplifying and finding the fastest way to the desired result. Using leverage is a simple strategy for business success.

Time is all you have and it is your most precious asset. What you do with it is of high importance, so choose carefully how you spend it and try to scale it by using the following in this book.

24 hours is all you get in a day, minus 8 hours of sleep, minus about 2 hours for routines, showers, shaves, dressing up, breakfast, Lunch, dinner and your relaxation time. You are quick to find that you do not have much time.

All people on this planet have the same amount of time. Billionaires and you have an equal amount of time. You cannot buy more time.

Spend it wisely.

This book will be broken into sections of how to leverage your time as much as possible to profit the most of your free time.
You will get a PDF (107KB) file