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HVAC course for beginners

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HVAC stands for (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning).

what is hvac course ?

This course helps interested individuals learn about the HVAC industry. 

Companies can use this course to train their new employees who are entering the field of HVAC.
I do test students on this course as an addendum.


Module - 1    Introductory

Module - 2    Heat Transfer In & Out

Module - 3    HVAC equipment

Module - 4    HVAC Applications

Module - 5    HVAC Systems

Module - 6    BMS

Module - 7    Psychrometric Chart

Module - 8    Energy Saving

Module - 9    Video Examples

Module - 10  Maintenance

Module - 11  Artificial Intelligence

Module - 12  References

Module - 13  Conclusion 
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